Essay in Whole Food Market Business Analysis

Whole Foods Market Evaluation

Gloria Rios

Management 521

April 17, 20102

Randy Schumacher


As a shared fund manager I will be deciding whether to purchase Whole Foods Market, a lot of money 500 Business. The growth level from 1991 to 2011 is 26%, with a amazing consistency from year to year. Their very own resilience can be noted inside their decision making techniques which resulted in a successful recovery from the downturn. The SWOT Analysis displays strengths inside their growth strategy and growing product line. Their very own flagship buy in London of 80, 1000 square feet in 2007 definitely seems to be a major step up expanding away from US. Sales have doubled since then and 66% with the British adults now consume organic foodstuff and refreshments. Their weakness is the fact that they haven't widened into the global market aside from Canada and the UK. There has also been a number of recalls upon brands bought by the firm. The options appear to be significant in this realtor mls database. There is a growing desire for organic and natural, healthy products which bodes well to get the success of opening new shops. The threat is competition as the need grows plus more stringent regulation. Rental raises is also an issue. In making a decision on if to invest in Complete Foods Market, the welfare and needs from the internal and external stakeholders need to be deemed. Growth depends upon Bonds and Stockholders. The corporation must show consistent growth in order to be capable to have available credit outlets. The employees are a key component in keeping the customer experience wanted and satisfied with their shopping. Surrounding community would like to feel appropriate for Whole Food facilities, products and service. As well as the distributors providing the company's product need to know there is a commitment from their customers.

Whole Foods Companies are a unique, organic food and natural product supermarket chain located in america, Canada and UK. Like a wholly possessed subsidiary, they are really headquartered...

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