Reading Carol Carter's story: Write Your Own Success Story, it is just a really good method of getting motivated to change the laziness ways in which every scholar has. What she says is that leaving apart procrastination and attending the priorities with time will make the difference in our future. Carter offers an idea of in what way to choose once we will be in university or working. Believing in yourself, organizing and knowing which are your weaknesses and strengths so that you can work on these people, are the important factors of composing your individual success story. Nothing is good fortune but hard work, as Carter´s said: " Nothing takes place magically. lf you want to be successful, you are going to have to take personal responsibility for your your life. ” And " Although successful people may appear lucky, they, in fact , illustrate the maxim that " luck favors the well prepared mind. " ” So , in the actual success existence, luck offers nothing to perform. Luck is good for improvised persons. Real success is the result of constancy essential, responsibility, hard work, organization and balance. Nothing´s more important achieve a goal than taking actions. Wishing anything with all your cardiovascular system will be the playground equipment to make it happen. Regardless of how many obstacles you have, should you make mistakes they´ll teach you well to be better. But we may start now to make decisions, to make errors, to ask queries, to be inquisitive, and the most significant: to learn. Personally, reading and writing this all is a good method to say to myself: I can do it. I have the opportunity to end up being here in a great college, obtaining the best education I can have, I have support from persons I proper care who produce advices, constructive criticism, and who show me to stop being concerned and instead start doing. Therefore from now on, success depends simply on me personally. I put my head inside the prize I would like, and that´s what I´m going to receive once I have done all of the checking that is necessary to get there.