Start-up Weekend Report

gv4325-Tarunireddy Sarikonda

1 . What did you do?

Ans: Wow, what an experience!  Trying to create a company or a product in just a weekend is really powerful. It is a great approach to meet fellow hackers, designers, developers and hustlers.  It's also a good reality check of developing a new venture of your frequency, creating progressive ideas in the compressed time period of 54 hours. MY OWN EXPERIENCE:

Fixed in, completed my identity badge, lay down for a stand with my personal fellow-mates. It was my initially starup weekend I dint know what specifically happens and so I was fired up as well as pressured to be amongst such an enormous crowd of creative thinkers. Before the pitch started, we had an ice-breaker activity named half-baked. It was actually quite fun. All of us started simply by forming randomly groups, in that case shouting away random phrases, mostly adjectives and adjective, as two of the organizers frantically attempted to write all those words upon a whiteboard. A couple of my own words received up there, including " chicken”. Then each of 14 groups sent an agent up to the plank to claim two of the words, and brought those back to they to create a new product idea. we now have chose the laser-ketchup which takes away excess of it when spilt and also is utilized as a protection weapon below theft. Then was the perfect time to pitch the concept. The pitches were in a rapid open fire format. 60 seconds to present yourself, explain your thought, tell what skills you're looking for, and give the concept a term for the live voting board. Every person that pitched an idea was handed a big linen of newspaper with the name of their thought on it, to publish on the wall structure or anywhere in the room wherever people could see it. Everyone who pitched stood throughout the room holding up a piece of paper with all the name with their idea. Three sticky paperwork were given to everyone within the room, and they'd go keep them around the ideas that they can liked, essentially serving being a vote. The very best 14 tips with the the majority of votes moved on to become the businesses for the weekend.