Morganne Truesdale

Teacher: Alling

ENC 1101. seventy seven

June twenty four, 2013

Dissertation #1: Stating " I Do”

Precisely the first thing that pops with your head as you think " marriage”? Do you smell a home cooked meal ready on the table, after a long-hard day at work? Do you picture an attractive home having a white picketer fence? Maybe you think about a gorgeous white outfit, that was altered to match you just proper. Or maybe really not white at all because your favorite color is dark, and you refuse to be cliché on exactly what is supposed to be the most important day you will ever have. Maybe you discover half of all you own staying taken out by under you if this kind of whole " marriage thing” goes south, and that's simply not a chance if you're willing to take. Maybe the concept of being devoted to one person for the remainder of your life scares you, and all of a sudden that beautiful female standing then you is looking similar to a prison warden, rather than the future wife. What ever your landscapes or views on marriage may be one things for certain; no one ever walked over the aisle, said their promises, and agreed before The almighty and everyone many precious to them seeking to fail.

Matrimony was not always based on the idea of two people falling in like and planning to spend the associated with their lives together. In the 1800's matrimony was not merely regarded as the joining of two people, nevertheless the joining of families, businesses, and prosperity. Many women got suitors pre-arranged for them by way of a fathers. Though most relationships were based around the idea of secureness and friendship, that doesn't imply that love would not exist in marriage. When married, it was very difficult for a woman to divorce. The Matrimonial Take action of 1857 gave guys the right to divorce their wives or girlfriends on the grounds of coitus. However , there was no such act approving women that same right. Once single, the husband would automatically gain custody of the couple's kids, and in some cases, prevent the mother coming from seeing the kids.