qweqweqw Dissertation

I. Fill in the blank.

1 . A ________ document that contains blank domains that users can fill out with data. 2 . A ________ from a hypertext document to a higher, activated simply by clicking on a highlighted term or graphic. 3. ________ is a list if divisions and the web pages on which they will start. some. A term used to describe more information found at the underside of a webpage is called ________. 5. ________is a info or credit given towards the end of the record instead of by the end of each page. 6. ________is a series of control and training that you can group together as a single command word to accomplish a job automatically. six. The degree of level of resistance or protection from harm is called ________. almost eight. ________ can be produced by or involving two or more parties working together. 9. A verbal or written reaction is called ________.

10. This can be a formatting that may be saved simply by loading keeping or closing the document is called ________. 11. A ________ button in musical legacy form that fills the content with a sole picture. doze. ________ contains a list that you can change directly.

13. ________ includes a list of constrained choices defined by template author when the user initiates is. 16. It contains a calendar control and limitations text to a single section is called ________. 15. ________ shows a gallery of formatted selections that you can increase the content control.

II. Note down the secret keys beside the functions detailed. Ex. 1 ) Copy textual content or object- Ctl+C

1 . Create a nonbreaking space-

2 . Makes page bold-

a few. Makes letter italic-

5. Decrease font size 1 value-

a few. Remove the paragraph or persona formatting-

6th. Paste textual content or object-

7. Lower paste or perhaps object-

almost 8. Paste Special-

9. Undo-options last action-

10. Redo last action-

III. Write down thier instruction of it.

1 . Securing file or putting security password in record.

2 . Inserting Comment.

several. Control Group.

4. Link.

5. Backlinks and Embedding.

Response keys.

We. Fill in the...


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