What happens if I buy an essay from you?

Satisfied customers are necessary for Our Site website to work properly. We try to maintain a relationship of confidentiality and trust with our customers because we realize that the situation is delicate for them when they order content from us and that we have an obligation to make them feel reassured and safe. We closely monitor and restrict access to our clients’ database to our administrators only. We collect data from you while you use our services just enough to make your experience with our website possible and we do not profit from having your data in any way. We will not sell it, or share, borrow or exchange it with any third party organization. We understand that anonymity is one of the necessary requirements for a client when he or she uses a web service like this and we offer it to our clients completely with every paper that they order from us.

What will you know about me?

While filling out an order form you will be requested to put in your name, email address, phone number and order information. This information is needed for the purposes of efficient direct communication between our website and you about how to best handle your order. We will send our latest news, offers and discounts that might interest you via email.

When you decide to pay us using your credit card, you’ll be required to enter your credit card number and other data about it such as expiry date. In order to protect you from any unauthorized access to your account, you will be required to verify that you are the owner of that credit card by showing us some official identification document. This is done both for your own protection and the protection of GetYourEssay service.

Information gathered through monitoring web traffic

Certain information is automatically gathered from every web browser that visits our page, both when you browse for information and when you order from us. We don’t use that information to track or follow you; it is needed for our statistics and for customization of your preferences about using our site. Your IP address and other data are not shared with anyone who might abuse such information, it can simply help us to recognize your time zone and adjust other details that make your experience on our website pleasant. We will try to show you content that interests you the most based on your recent searches. We must use cookies to enable some of the advanced features of Our Site webpage, such as live chat. If cookies are disabled in your browser settings your live chat won’t work.

We have no legal obligation to disclose any information of yours to your academic institution or to your employer. They do not have the rights to access any information from us, so you are not under the risk that using our services will compromise your academic integrity. We understand that you being our client must be kept as a complete secret and we’d like to reassure you that we have no reason to identify you as our client to any third party. Any additional questions that you might have can be answered by our always available support team. They will be more than willing to address your additional concerns on our live chat which works 24/7.