Plagiarism free essays and how to write them

The concept of plagiarism is very simple – to illegally copy someone else’s research, paper or any document without prior permission from the said party constitutes the offense of plagiarism. Plagiarism undermines the hard work and effort put in by the person you are copying from, and this form of intellectual theft had been widespread till the recently placed strict restrictions and punishments. Our Site is an essay writing service that provides and guarantees essays, research papers, coursework and dissertations that are absolutely free of any copyright infringement. The students using our essays need not worry about plagiarism. However, what we have come to realize is that many students are unaware that they are plagiarizing. A few common mistakes that students make are first, directly copying research and information from books and texts without any official citations. Secondly, without paraphrasing and rewriting the ideas discussed in texts and articles written by other people – you are essentially stealing their work. By citing the work that you have used, you acknowledge their efforts and show gratitude and appreciation of their research that you have used for your own essay. When users buy a research paper or a research idea from Our Site, we ensure that all the work we submit is 100% free of any kind of plagiarism.

A new software up and running

With the incidences of intellectual theft on the rise, Our Site has invested into making plagiarism checking software themselves and letting our users use it on our website free of cost. We understand that so many times students and even professors write absolutely original work but somehow contain traces of work that is not sourced. For all these instances and more, Our Site No Plagiarism software can check the authenticity and originality of your work and make sure that you will not be unjustly punished for an essay that you have written on your merit.

The price you pay is steep

The consequences and penalties that result from copyright infringement are not ones that should be taken lightly because this act is considered an intellectual crime. The degree of the punishment depends on the institution that one studies in and further depends on the degree of plagiarism in your work. For high school students, an essay that is less than 80% unique would result in a “Fail” grade in that particular essay or being told to repeat, whereas the same offense on a college level essay could result in academic probation. Our Site would like to remind its users that the punishment for plagiarism increases as you reach higher positions with many job applications being rejected on this sole fact and even employees being fired due to intellectual theft. Our Site thus makes a concentrated and dedicated effort to internally check each essay for plagiarism before making them available for purchase – hence, protecting our users at every step of the way.