The type and Range of Bureaucratic Economics

Dr . Mohammad Abdul Mukhyi, ZE., MM

Economics is the social science that studies the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and solutions. Managerial economics (sometimes called business economics), is a branch of economics that applies microeconomic analysis to decision ways of businesses or perhaps other managing units. Consequently, it connections economic theory and economics in practice. This draws seriously from quantitative techniques including regression evaluation and correlation, Lagrangian calculus (linear). If you have a unifying theme that runs through most of bureaucratic economics it is the attempt to enhance business decisions given the firm's objectives and given constraints made by scarcity, for example through the use of operations analysis and programming. 4/18/2010 Bureaucratic Economic two


Managerial Economics

Manager A person who guides resources to accomplish a mentioned goal. Economics The science of creating decisions inside the presence of scare assets. Managerial Economics The study of how to direct hard to find resources in the manner that most successfully achieves a managerial objective. 4/18/2010 Bureaucratic Economic a few

The Global Trade Economy

The Metropolitan Bioregional Economy Organic and natural & Niche Agriculture Community Commerce (locally produced products and services) Construction (Housing, etc . ) Education (basic, life management, citizenship) Fundamental & All natural Health Care & Education Side Crafts Artistry Sports Child Care Elder Attention Home & Yard Treatment Sustainable Property Use Career Security Education (basic, life management, citizenship) Urban Environment & Interpersonal Welfare Solutions Conservation & Recreation Local Philanthropy

Market Sectors

Asset Agriculture (wheat, rice, soybeans, beef, coffee, bananas, etc . ) Consumer electronics Vehicles Hi-tech Health Care, Pharmaceutical drugs Hardware Mass Produced Clothing, Towel Goods Hydrocarbon-Based Energy Finance Short term R& D

General public Goods (The " Commons" )

Global Ecology Fair Trade Plans National Defense Long Range R& D Huge Reinsurance (health, disasters, etc . ) Coordination of Overall health, Education, Well being (Information and infrastructure investments) Major (Corporate, Foundations, and so forth ) Charity

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Managerial Economic


How Can be Managerial Economics Useful?

Evaluating Choice Alternatives

Identify strategies to efficiently obtain goals. Stipulate pricing and production approaches. Provide creation and promoting rules to aid maximize net profits.

Making the Best Decision

Managerial economics can be used to effectively meet administration objectives. Bureaucratic economics can be used to understand logic of firm, consumer, and government decisions. 4/18/2010 Bureaucratic Economic 6th



Managerial monetary refers to the application of economic theory and the equipment of analysis of decision research to examine just how an organization can perform its aspires or targets most successfully. The scope of managerial economics: -- Economic sciences - Decision sciences - Other technology having an impact on to decision making.


Bureaucratic Economic



Away of two major managerial functions dished up by the subject matter under bureaucratic economics are decision making and forward organizing: Lets explore the scope for decision making: 1 . Decision relating to demand. 2 . Decision related to Price and development. 3. Decision relating to price and industry. 4. Decision relating to revenue management. five. Macro financial factor.


Managerial Economic



Relationship to economic theory 1 . Tiny economic 2 . Macro financial Penekanan: 1 . Normative monetary 2 . Positif economic Romantic relationship to the decision sciences Ilmu ekonomi mengasihkan kerangka teoritis pengambilan kepusuan manajerial bagi membentuk model-model keputusan, menganalisis...