Name: Đặng Thị Minh Huệ

Roll quantity: SB01003

Category: SB705

Specific assignment

Topic one particular:. Identify and evaluate the personalities by using the Big Five Model (use a free on the net website). Create a paper providing your thoughts for the results and explain the way the results will help you in personal and specialist development.

I/ Introduction

1 . Why should i choose this kind of topic?

The reason why I choose this topic is I actually am interested in how Big Five evaluates people's personalities, (particularly, my personalities) as well as how it relates to job. installment payments on your The aims of my paper

In this assignment, We try considering my people using Big Five, discovering its relation to my job and getting direction to develop my career.. II/ Methodology

1 . Theory used: Big Five

Big Five is a common method used for analyzing people's personalities. Contrasted with another approach to evaluating individuality, MBTI, it can be more associated with job than MBTI. Personalities are evaluated in a few factors of Big Five: extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, emotional balance, openness to see. 2 . Method to gather data

I take advantage of Google to search information on Net, read textbook. I looked by Google and found a site providing Big Five test out: www.tmc.edu.vn/test/test.big5.php There are 44 concerns in the questionnaire. Every issue, there are 5 options: absolutely disagree, a little bit disagree, neutral, slightly agree, totally acknowledge in turn appearing from still left to right. I just can make one away of five options. Think carefully and make a decision on precisely is essential if I like to get the true end result. Questions will be in Vietnamese, so easy to comprehend and get the answers. I completed the test following 7 or 8 a few minutes and got the end result immediately. http://www.tmc.edu.vn/test/test.big5.php?do=result

Visibility to Experience: a few. 3

Conscientiousness: 2 . 67

Extraversion: installment payments on your 38

Agreeableness: 3. 11

Neuroticism ( emotional stability ): 2 . 88

a few is optimum for every component. So 2 . 5 is definitely average, certainly. III/ Evaluation

I will examine in the buy of on-line test end result.

1 . My personal personalities evaluated by Big Five

According to Big Five theory, these are generally descriptions about my personalities. I was the person who will be fairly available to experience. My spouse and i am certainly not afraid of failure, curious with all the world, imaginative; like to change, show great adaptability with variable situations and I include artistic feeling in blood. For example , My spouse and i try to work in different groups during courses. Openness to have is what We score the best, is the biggest characteristic of mine. I use an average trustworthiness. I was responsible, prepared, dependable, persistent at a normal level which usually almost folks are. For example , My spouse and i don't frequently stick to my plans. My extraversion score is below average a little bit. It means I balance between being introvert and outgoing. But I use the tendency to become introvert even more. I turn into reserved, shy and quiet more frequently. For example , I am quiet in the class. We am quite agreeable. I am examined to be supportive, warm and trusting. For example , I no longer find very much complaint via people during my group. We am stable with my personal emotions. This kind of score is just a little above average, means I was often calm, self-confident and secure than nervous, troubled, depressed and insecure. installment payments on your My individuality and romance to my own job examined by Big Five We am creative enough to work in technology and artwork, easily adaptable to changes in organizations, features leadership potential. So I can choose job linked to science and art, work in flexible careers, have more for you to promote because of good adaptability. Specially, basically want to be a leader, I have to boost my management skills. I have an average rating at conscientiousness, so it means I no longer make excessive effort and persistence inside my job, I actually am certainly not also drive and willpower, fairly poor at arranging and organizing....


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