After reading the Records from the GRAND HISTORIAN on CORRIDOR DYNASTY II, I I actually am terrified by the Xiongnu's barbaric way of life, which contradicts with many traditional Chinese ideals.

Beliefs like sucursal piety and respect had been disregarded in Xiongnu tradition, from the things i have seen, bravery was an important persona trait. On page 129, " The teenage boys eat the richest and best foodstuff, while the aged get what is left over, considering that the tribe honors those who are aged strong and despises the weak and aged. " Moreover, incest seemed to be prevalent in the Xiongnu tribe, seeing that when a dad dies, the son unites his stepmother…" On page 134, Maodun attained power simply by shooting first his preferred hours, his beloved wife and eventually purchased soldiers to shoot taking pictures his father. I feel just like communities like the Xiongnu contemporary society lack basic laws; the punishments that they can had pertaining to petty crimes often wound up as loss of life penalties.

I feel that the Xiongnu tribe had simply no loyalty, unlike soldiers of LiGuang, Xiongnu soldiers acted for personal benefits and the fear that their particular barbaric and brutal head would eliminate them if orders weren't followed. On the other hand, Liguang's soldiers abided his orders as they was a authentic man who have shared his rewards and cared for his soldiers.

Xiongnu continued to be determined to take care of their lifestyle, when a Han envoy remarked scornfully which the Xiongnu custom showed zero respect for the old, Zhonghang Yue replied rotating the Han values and accused Han of doing similar. Moreover, Zhonhang Yue as well defended the trend of " incest" simply by stating that it was the only way to expand the Xiongnu group.