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titleTeam - StudyMode. com/titlelink relcanonical href. /Team - StudyMode. com_files/Team -- StudyMode. com. htmllink hrefhttp// relicon link href. /Team - StudyMode. com_files/3354280762. css mediaall relstylesheet typetext/css --if lte FOR EXAMPLE 8 link href//stm-study. netdna-ssl. com/fdbf4faa891f/assets/blackboard/styles/ie8-and-down. css mediascreen relstylesheet typetext/css /endif-- --if gt IE almost eight link href//fonts. googleapis. com/cssfamilyOpenSans400italic, 600italic, 700italic, 400, six-hundred, 700, 300amp mediascreen relstylesheet typetext/css /endif-- --if gt IE eight link href//fonts. googleapis. com/cssfamilyMerriweather400, 400italicamp mediascreen relstylesheet typetext/css /endif-- --if IE-- link href. /Team - StudyMode. com_files/css mediascreen relstylesheet typetext/css--endif-- --if IE-- link href. /Team - StudyMode. com_files/css(1) mediascreen relstylesheet typetext/css--endif--script typetext/javascript var _gaq _gaq

_gaq. push(pgt. _setAccount, UA-32718321-1)

_gaq. push(pgt. _setAllowAnchor, true)

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_gaq. push(pgt. _trackPageview)


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ga. type text/javascript

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var h document. getElementsByTagName(script)0

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scpt. parentNode. insertBefore(elem, scpt)


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