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Hfdv dsc m. kwBeginning[ HYPERLINK " php? title=Harley-Davidson& action=edit& section=2" \o " Change section: Beginning" edit] In 1901, twenty year-oldВ William T. HarleyВ drew up plans for the small engine with aВ displacementВ of 7. 07 cubic inches (116В cc) and four-inch (102В mm)В flywheels.[9]В The engine was designed for use in an everyday pedal-bicycle frame. Over the following two years, Harley davidson and his child years friendВ Arthur DavidsonВ worked on theirВ motor-bicycleusing the northsideВ MilwaukeeВ machine shop at the home with their friend, Henry Melk. It had been finished more than a century ago with the help of Arthur's brother, Walter Davidson. Upon testing all their power-cycle, Harley and the Davidson brothers located it struggling to climb the hills about Milwaukee without pedal assistance. They quickly wrote off their first motor-bicycle as a valuable learning experiment.[10]Work instantly began on a new and improved second-generation machine. This kind of first " real" Harley-Davidson motorcycle a new bigger engine of 24. 74 cu inches (405В cc) with being unfaithful. 75 ins (25В cm) flywheels weighing 28В lb (13В kg). The machine's advanced loop-frame design was exactly like the 1903 Milwaukee, wisconsin Merkel bike (designed by Joseph Merkel, later ofВ Flying MerkelВ fame). The bigger engine and loop-frame design took it of the power-driven bicycle category and designated the path to future motorbike designs. The boys likewise received assist with their bigger engine via outboard engine pioneerВ Ole Evinrude, who was after that building gas engines of his very own design pertaining to automotive work with on Milwaukee's Lake Street.


The prototype of the new loop-frame Harley-Davidson was assembled within a 10В ft Г—В 15В ft (3. 0В m Г—В 4. 6В m) shed in the Davidson family backyard. A lot of the major parts, however , were made elsewhere, which includes some probably fabricated at the West Milwaukee, wisconsin railshops wherever oldest close friend William A....