STIN1013 INTRODUCTION TO ARTIFICIAL CLEVERNESS Semester February Session 2012/2013 (A122) ASSIGNMENT_4 PROBLEM SOLVING AND SEARCHING Total marks: Deadline: Terms and Condition: 12 27th May well 2013 1 . Submission This is certainly a group project. Each group must submit only ONE (1) answer script. Answers must be in computer-typed form; it only should be stapled upon its top rated left without any plastic cover on it. installment payments on your Assessment Examination will be based on the submitted script. All associates of the group should receive the same signifies unless there is clear evidence of any group member who also did not contribute to the accomplishment in the assignment. three or more. Plagiarism Operate will not acquire any mark if stealing articles attempt is found.

1 . Based upon the following number, you are required to organize five prevents on Tower system X in the arrangement as in Tower Sumado a. You receive TWO conditions, which are you are allowed to maneuver ONE prevent at a time and the blocks transferred must be arranged on top of one another and not hand and hand. You are allowed to use Tower system Z being a medium.


O T L C Tower Times

a) b)


D O C K Structure Y Structure Z

Give the first 3 (3) items that need to be identified to come up with the problem previously mentioned in condition space Present the solution employing state space paradigm.


installment payments on your Aliyah can be planning for a holiday break, however she is undecided whether to go to South Korea or Switzerland. The budget provided for this is RM4000. For every destination, this wounderful woman has to consider the cost pertaining to travelling, holiday accommodation, food expenses and some cash for purchasing. If the lady chose to go to South Korea, she also strategies to go to Seoul and Jeju Island. However, if she chose Swiss, she ideas to go possibly to Zurich or Montreux. For travel arrangements, she has the alternatives to choose pertaining to budget flight companies or common airlines, as well as for accommodation, this lady has the options to choose either in which to stay a resort or a customer house. The facts of the expenses are...