ch 14 chem vocab Essay

Period several Ch 18 Big Suggestions and Vocab

Compressibility: way of measuring how much the quantity of subject decreases pressurized

Boyle's legislation: for a offered mass of gas in constant temperature, the volume with the gas varies inversely with pressure

Charles's law: the quantity of a fixed mass of gas is definitely directly proportionate to it is Kelvin temperature if the pressure is retained constant

Gay-Lussac's law: the pressure of a gas is definitely directly proportionate to the Kelvin temperature in case the volume continues to be constant

Combined gas rules: combines Boyle's law, Charles's law, and Gay-Lussac's legislation

Ideal gas constant: (R) has the benefit 8. thirty-one (L by kPa)/(K back button mol)

Ideal gas legislation: P times V sama dengan n times R back button T or PV = nRT

Partial pressure: contribution each gas in a mix makes towards the total pressure

Dalton's legislation of incomplete pressures: by constant volume level and heat, the total pressure exerted with a mixture of smells is comparable to the sum of the partially pressures of the component smells

Diffusion: tendency of elements to move toward areas of reduced concentration until the concentration is usually uniform throughout

Effusion: a gas goes out through a tiny hole in its container

Graham's law of effusion: the interest rate of effusion of a gas is inversely proportional to the square root of the gas's molar mass


Great gases adapt to the assumptions of kinetic theory. The behaviour of great gases can be predicted by the gas regulations. With the best gas regulation, the number of moles of a gas in a set volume for a noted temperature and pressure could be calculated. Although an ideal gas does not exist, real smells behave essentially under a various temperature and pressure circumstances.


Smells are easily compressed because of the space between the contaminants in a gas. The amount of gas (n), volume (V), and temperature (T) are factors that impact gas pressure (P).


If the temperature is frequent, as the pressure of any gas raises, the volume reduces. As the temperature of an...


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