Discuss the Company:

2. Located in Cleveland, Ohio

* Mechanical contracting organization, specializing in niche construction assignments in foodstuff and drink manufacturing services. * " Custom-built” contractor, using major stainless steel to make the boats and piping necessary for assembly lines in food & beverage control. * They work on a project-by-project basis, for which it gives you engineering style and structure expertise to its clientele. * Needed relatively little, complex specialized production tools, and most inventory was linked to specific work in progress 5. Thinly capitalized (equity less than debt)


5. The company was incorporates in 1982 by president John Bergner * He did organization with FirstOhio Bank of Cleveland, in which his accounts was handled by Peter Davis and a good marriage was held between them to get five years from 1982 till 1987 * In December 1987, Mr. Davis accepted a brand new position in Westside Countrywide Bank. Positioned in Cleveland 5. Therefore , a brand new loan official was appointed for the organization in January 1988

Present Position:

* Bergner Construction Company had recorded a small net operating profit of $13, 088 (net income of 16502) in 1987 * During the first 4 months of 1988, you can actually completed careers slumped, leading to a decrease of $53, 556 (net loss of 47682) due to problems found on one project, for which a former estimator experienced underestimate a construction expense. (If no single project is definitely excessively prominent, then a reduction on one would not imply that the firm's revenue potential can be significantly affected). * The company enjoyed a sales development rate of 23 percent over the past two years, and projected sales right at the end of 1988 were $1. 3million

Supervision of the business:

* The company's president: Steve Bergner was 40 years of age. * He previously a degree in mechanical anatomist from Kansas State College or university. * Bergner began his career like a...